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List of Unique Commands

Unique Commands


1. Exclusive Quests



2. Jewels Bank


/bankadd [type] [amount] 

To add 5 Jewel of Chaos, type /bankadd chaos 5
To add all Jewel of Bless which are in your inventory, type /bankadd chaos

/banksub [type] [amount] 

To take 5 Jewel of Chaos, type /banksub chaos 5

Currently possible to add these jewels:

chaos, bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gemstone, harmony, lower, higher, skill, luck, level, excellent1~6


3. Jewels / Coins Store & OFF Store

- Store

Using this feature you can sell items in game store:

[ coin, ruud, gp, bless, soul, chaos, creation, guardian, harmony ]

Command: /store [type]

Step 1: Setting your Store 

If you want to place your store in Zen, put price as you like. If you want to open Ruud / Coins / GP, put the price in Zen. 

To open a Store by Jewels / Zen, just open normally. To open store by Ruud / Coins / GP, it is necessary to use the Command.

Step 2: Opening your Store


/store coin (Opens personal store where you sell items for Coins)

/store ruud (Opens personal store where you sell items for Ruud)

/store gp (Opens personal store where you sell items for Goblin Points)

- Off Store

Command: /offstore

Use this command to sell items while character is offline

This command can be used only in LOREN MARKET Map


Reconnect screen will appear, close the game immediately.
Ready, your character will continue selling items which you put in store while your game client is closed.


4. Lock & Unlock

Step 1: Locking char

Command: /lock [password]

The password must be in numeral, between 4 and 12 digits. 

Example:  /lock 24842


Step 2: Unlocking char

Command: /unlock [password]

Example:  /unlock 24842


The Command locks only your Character. 

The Player will be able to steal the other characters from the account and vault.

Each character of your account must be locked to avoid delete of it by someone.

Characters above Level 300 can not be deleted anymore.


5. Disconnect Friend

Step 1: Using the Command 

Command: /lock [password]

Use /lock and choose a password. Now type /dcfriend [character] [password].


My nickname is 'Player' and i type the command: /lock 44448811 and I'm going to sleep.

Character died, and my friend if agreed, wants to connect my account to put it back on spot.

He types the command: /dcfriend Player 44448811

Ready, the account is disconnected and my friend can login to it.


This command is parallel to command /LOCK.

You will only be able to use /dcfriend if the character has /lock activated.

The /lock password is the password used for DCFRIEND, if the /lock is not enabled at least 1 time, it will not work.


6. Server time

Command: /clock

Shows current Server Time


7. Extra Vaults

Command: /vault [number] or /ware [number]

Example:  /vault 1

Main vault/ware number is 0

2 extra vaults available for Free players

More than 2 extra vaults available for Vip players

Items do not lose if Vip expires. Renew Vip to get access to items on extra vaults.


8. Quiz (Questions & Answers) auto Event

Command: /quiz (shows time left until next Quiz)

Command: /answer

Example:  "[Quiz] How much is 2+2 = ?"

/answer 4

Please make sure you located in regular maps. (Not Event-Maps)
You cannot participate while you in event-maps.

Reward: 70 Wcoins for the first player who answers correct.



Regular Commands


10. Reset, Grand Reset

Command to reset character level: /reset

Command to grand reset character resets: /greset

You will receive a specific amount of points and other benefits. More INFO HERE.


11. Add and auto add Points

- Add Point:

Command: /add[type] [amount]


For adding 50 points to Strength, type /addstr 50

For adding 235 points to Energy, type /addene 235


str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy, cmd = Command


- Auto Add Point:

Command: /add[type] auto [amount]


For adding 1000 points to Strength, type /addstr auto 1000

For adding 2000 points to Energy, type /addene auto 2000

* If you have 100 free points and level 200 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400 

* What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 200 to 260 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels.


This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc.

To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically).


12. Request and Auto Party

- Request control:

Command: /re or /request [type] [on/off/auto]

Each request turns on or off or automates the character.


To not receive any trade or party from anybody.  /request off

To receive any trade or party automatically from anybody. /request auto

To receive any trade or party from anybody. /request on

- Auto Party with Password:

You can set a password to your party, so only players using the password will be accepted.


Command to set the password you must write : /re auto XXXX where XXXX = your random password.
After you set up your party password, in order for others to join your party automatically they must also write:
/re auto XXXX where XXXX = the same password that you set for your party and then just request party on any user from your party.


13. Auto Attack & OFF Attack

- Auto Attack

Command: /attack

Character will auto attack using this command


- Off Attack

Step 1:  Set up your Mu Helper

You should configure your Mu Helper the way you want, with Skills, Buffs, Auto Potion, etc.

Step 2:  Go to the place (spot) where you want to leave character

Command: /offattack


Reconnect screen will appear, close the game immediately.

Ready, your character will continue leveling up online while your game client is closed.


14. Player Kill

Command: /pkclear to clear pk.


15. War and Soccer

Command: /war [guild name], /soccer [guild name]

If you want to start a War 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /war XXXX where XXXX = name of the guild which you want to go to war with.

If you want to start a Soccer 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /soccer XXXX where XXXX = name of the guild which you want to play soccer against.

Notice that only the GM (Guild Master) can write & use these commands.


16. Map Move Levels

Server X200 and X1000 

You can move to any map when you reach at least level 300.

Command /move [map name]


  • /move ferea
  • /move kantururuins 3
  • /move karutan 2
  • /move raklion
  • /move raklion 2
  • /move nixies lake
  • /move deep dungeon 1
  • /move swamp of darkness
  • /move kubera mine
  • /move abyss of atlans 1
  • /move abyss of atlans 2
  • /move abyss of atlans 3
  • /move scorched canyon


- Guide Posted by MuO Play Administration -

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