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Pandora Mining

Hello There !

Are you tired of being AFK or killing other player or monsters?


We are here to present you the Pandora Mining Mini-Game.

For those of you who don’t know what is this, Pandora Mining is a new feature in-game that allows players to mine for jewel of bless.

To start mining you have to get “Pandora Pick”.

- Way 1 --> Moss Gambler

- Way 2 --> In-Game xShop


After you have the Pandora Pick, you’ll have to go one of the following maps :

- LostTower, - Tarkan, - Aida, - Raklion, - PeaceSwamp, - Kubera Mine

This applies ONLY to Safe Zone! (You can mine only in safe zone)


There are 3 Kinds of mining areas : Blue Mining Area, Purple Mining Area, Golden Mining Area.

Each color represents the difficulty of the mine and the durability consumption (Table Below):



Blue Mining Area

Purple Mining Area

Gold Mining Area

Stage 1

1 Jewel of Bless (37.5%)

2 Jewel of Bless (40.5%)

4 Jewel of Bless (42.5%)

Stage 2

3 Jewel of Bless (37.5%)

6 Jewel of Bless (40.5%)

12 Jewel of Bless (42.5%)

Stage 3

7 Jewel of Bless (37.5%)

15 Jewel of Bless (40.5%)

29 Jewel of Bless (42.5%)

Stage 4

16 Jewel of Bless (37.5%)

34 Jewel of Bless (40.5%)

65 Jewel of Bless (42.5%)

Stage 5

33 Jewel of Bless (37.5%)

67 Jewel of Bless (40.5%)

125 Jewel of Bless (42.5%)

Special Prize

100 Jewel of Bless (15%)

250 Jewel of Bless (10%)

500 Jewel of Bless (8%)

Durability Consume

(Each Mine Attempt)





As you can see, each of the mining areas have 5 stages.

See above the stages rates and durability consumption.



Each Pandora Pick have 255 durability.

To restore the durability of the pick you need to put Jewel of Bless on it. 

Each jewel of bless recovers 4 durability points.


Good Luck with the mining! For Questions you can contact our GM in-game (nick – KingPin)

- Guide Posted by MuO Play Administration -

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